VoWiFi (WiFi Calling) is the Future of Voice.

VoWiFi or WiFi Callings solves the in-building voice problem, is supported by all major cellular carriers AND offers your residents super-fast WiFi internet access.

Marketing Agreements Keeping You From Offering Bulk data?  

No problem. Spot On's hybrid WiFi Calling and Data network allows building owners to provide seamless, property-wide WiFi voice coverage throughout their entire building, free amenity area WiFi service and subscription-based WiFi data service.  This means the building owner can honor marketing agreements while still offering a voice solution and amenity area WiFi.

Create a new revenue stream

Subsidize the cost of your building's WiFi calling network by offering subscription-based data services.  Spot On Networks handles all billing and subscription administrations services and we share the revenue with the building owner.  It's a win/ win for the building owner and residents.