Bridging the Digital Divide

broadband in the affordable multitenant complex

Author: Dick Sherwin, Member Wireless Hall of Fame

Affordable housing developments are increasingly leaning towards high speed broadband services reflecting changing life styles of the population. These developments need to offer facilities to bridge the digital divide. In a rule established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD") effective on January 19, 2017, certain subsidies have become available:

"Through this proposed rule, HUD continues its efforts to narrow the digital divide in low-income communities served by HUD by providing, where feasible and with HUD funding, broadband access to communities in need of such access.  Broadband is the common term used to refer to a very fast connection to the Internet.  Such connection is also referred to as high-speed broadband of high speed Internet.  In this rule, HUD proposes to require installation of broadband infrastructure at the time of new construction of substantial rehabilitation of family rental housing that is funded by HUD...

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