Patented UserSafe® Technology

Can you afford to overlook your resident's WiFi security?

U.S. Patent Number 9,544,831

Patented UserSafe® Technology guards residents from internet threats while using your property's WiFi service.  While using Spot On WiFi, each user is isolated and protected from hacking, spoofing and identity theft.

As the most experienced WiFi service provider to multifamily residential buildings, we have made it our priority to ensure that we protect your residents from wireless Internet threats including: hacking, spoofing and identity theft. We deploy the highest level of wireless security on all Spot On Networks by backing our network architecture with patented, UserSafe® technology which goes beyond encryption to protect the resident at all networking levels.

UserSafe® client isolation technology ensures that your resident’s wireless devices can only see and communicate directly with the Internet, never with another device on the network. If you can’t be seen on a network, you can’t be hacked. 

For back-office and IoT devices that need to communicate with other, Spot On Networks will deploy secure IoT specific VLANS that allow for inter-device communications, while still allowing for isolation of end-user devices on one physical network.