Common Issues

Manage Your Account

Do you need access to your account information in order to change your Spot On user profile?

Are you MAC authenticated (you don’t “log-in” for every Internet session)? Then follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter your Username and Password and click “Login”.
  • On the next page click on “Customer Registration and Service Portal”
  • From this link you can manage your account details including your credit card information and your sub-account details.

Do you log in each time you use your Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet connection? Then follow these steps:

  • Associate to the SpotOn SSID
  • Open your browser
  • On the next page click on “Customer Registration and Service Portal”
  • From this link you can manage your account details including your credit card information and your sub-account details.

Getting knocked off your High Speed Wi-Fi Internet connection?

Your user ID is valid for your computer or one other Wi-Fi (wireless) enabled device only. Each ID allows for ONLY one user at a time. Sharing IDs bumps the current user of that ID off the network. For security purposes and to avoid getting bumped off your connection, we suggest you do not share your log-in information with others.

Weak Wi-Fi (wireless) Signal?

This may be caused by your computer’s distance to a Wi-Fi (wireless) access point or interfering objects such as your microwave or cordless phone.

Possible Solutions:

1. Signal may be stronger in other parts of your apartment – try moving your computer around to another location in order to pick up more signal.

2. A higher powered access antenna may solve this Wi-Fi (wireless) signal issue. Please call our customer at 877-768-6687 service to talk about ordering your high gain antenna at no charge.

Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet Splash Page will not launch

You may have our pop-up settings such that our page is not allowed to launch. You may not be associating with a Spot On Wi-Fi Internet access point.

Possible solutions:

1. Modify your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from the Spot On Splash page and try again.

2. Modify your firewall (add the Spot On Splash page as a permitted site).

3. In the browser address line enter one of the following addresses: ap.login
4. Be sure to select the SpotOn SSID (found under “view wireless networks”).

Slow Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet connection speed

Slow speeds may be caused by several factors, some of which you can manage.

Spot On Networks High Speed Wi-Fi Internet utilizes a process intended to optimize the performance of the entire Wi-Fi (wireless) network for all subscribers and protect it from being hijacked by individual abusers. Subscribers whose internet activity is perceived as abusive will be tagged by our system and connection speeds of that subscriber will automatically be throttled down. Most normal Internet activity is well below the threshold of abusive behavior, though certain peer-to-peer file sharing applications like BitTorrent and TVU player can become abusive. To avoid this, we advise that you ensure that your applications are not creating excessive upload traffic and recommend that,in order to remain compliant with Spot On’s Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet, Acceptable Use Policies and Terms and Conditions, you adjust this activity in accordance with these policies. If this is the situation for you, please consider any of the following ideas:

1. Viruses and common spyware may be the culprit. Be sure your anti-virus software is up-to date and then run a full system scan to check for problems.

2. Try downloading and installing Spybot, freeware from, that will search for spyware and other changes to your computer and fix them.

3. Interference from the radio frequency of your neighbor’s Wi-Fi (personal non-Spot On wireless router) may be strong enough to degrade your experience on Spot On’s High Speed Wi-Fi Internet network. We do monitor other access points and would need to talk with you if this is the case. To see what other wireless routers there are in your immediate area, you can download and install Inssider, a free wireless network scanner from MetaGeek, at

Log-off was not complete

On occasion you will need to enter the following URL in your address line to completely log-off:

Difficulties Associating with your VPN

Are you having difficulties associating with your VPN? Try these steps or call Spot On at 877-768-6687 for assistance.

Possible solutions:

  • Can you surf the internet?

Be sure you are logged onto our network first and are not having any issues with surfing non-cached sites before proceeding. If you cannot surf the net and feel it is an issue with the Spot On Wi-Fi Internet Network, please call customer support for immediate assistance.

  • Have you used your VPN previously at this site?

If you were able to connect to your VPN prior, but cannot now, did you add any new programs, particularly anti virus or security style suites such as Norton or McAfee, or do any Microsoft updates recently?

If your VPN was working previously, and you are able to surf the Internet, and you are using a corporate PC, we suggest you work with your IT department to undo the changes that have affected the ability to access your VPN. If it is a personal computer, we suggest you disable the new program, such a Norton Internet Security Suite, and attempt to make the VPN connection once again. If this fails go onto the next possible solution.

  • Contact your IT department and ask which VPN program they are using and specifically what ports that VPN program utilizes to establish the connection and transfer data.

Specificity is important here, including port number and protocol used: TCP, UDP, GRE, ICMP, ESP, AH. With that information you can contact Spot On Networks customer support and we will escalate your difficulties to our Tier II group to attempt to solve your issue in a timely manner. There are adjustments that can be made that may solve your connectivity issue.