Patented Tessellated Grid Design

U.S. Patent Number 9,641,307

Spot On Network's Tessellated Grid Design relates to access point placement and channelization in WiFi architecture.  This 3D Tessellated Grid approach places access points (AP) in such a way that signal bleed-over and over-saturation is mitigated by staggering AP placement both horizontally and vertically.  Channelization and power input are then adjusted to separate APs into non-interfering bands. This unique and intelligent network approach provides redundant coverage while interference between APs is minimized.  The Tessellated Grid approach tests more effective than AP built-in auto-channeling capabilities. 

This network design approach is geared towards the multi-family/multi-dwelling and hospitality space, providing effective and reliable network coverage to various building types including high-rise,  mid-rise and podium builds.  Spot On's Tessellated Grid approach is complemented by patented UserSafe® technology which utilizes client isolation to guard the end-user from hacking, spoofing and identity theft.