Sign up for Spot On WiFiSign Up For Spot On WiFi!

1. Connect to the SpotOn WiFi network.
2. Open your web browser. You will be redirected to a login page.
3. Click “Sign Up” button above the login fields.
4. If your property has multiple available plans, you will be taken to a plan selection screen; if not, you will be taken directly to the form to fill out your account details.
5. After filling out account details, you will need to select a plan. If a paid plan is selected, you will be taken to the credit card information form. If not the registration process is complete.
6. Paid plans registration will be complete after the credit card information is filled out.

Need help signing up for Spot On WiFI? Contact our Network Operations Center –  1-877-768-6687

Manage your Spot On WiFi Account

Do you need to access your Spot On WiFi Account?

be totally mobile

We know you want to stay connected wherever you are.  Sign up for Spot On WiFi and receive property-wide WiFi access for your favorite devices.  Whether at the pool, in the gym, in the business center or any apartment in your community, you get high speed WiFi access for your smartphone, laptop, tablets and gaming devices!

unlimited mobile data

Let’s face it –  our WiFi devices are not just for sending emails and talking on the phone anymore…. they are for watching TV and movies, playing gamings, working and running awesome mobile apps.  All of this activity uses a lot of data – that’s why when you use Spot On WiFi you receive unlimited mobile data on all of your favorite mobile devices.  Forget the expensive data plans from your cellular provider – use Spot On WiFi on your property and use as much data as you want!

instant access

No installation.  No routers or special equipment.  Your apartment already has Spot On WiFi inside – just sign up and you are ready to use it: property-wide!  Plans start as low as $9.99/ month.  It’s easy to sign register: choose your property’s WiFi network from your device and sign up on our splash page or simply click the button below!