The Internet of Things Is Here- Is Your Building Ready?

A managed WiFi backbone is essential to supporting the Internet of Things.  From fitness equipment and transit screens to door locks and thermostats - multi-family amenities and utilities are getting a wireless overhaul. Residents want automated and customization in apartment homes and amenity areas.  Today's differentiating amenities require a secure and reliable WiFi backbone.

Spot On's WiFi backbone provides carrier-grade wireless service for multiple data services on one physical network including:

  • Multiple Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) to support wireless IoT amenities (transit screens, fitness equipment, back-office, printers, A/V equipment, thermostats, appliances)
  • Security cameras and door locks
  • Location based services for health care (patient tracking, physician applications, vitals tracking)
  • Facilities applications
  • WiFi Data Services
  • WiFi Voice Service
  • Amenity Area Service
Spot On's UserSafe® technology keeps your residents invisible over the WiFi network, guarding them from hacking and identity theft while at the same allowing IoT devices to speak to each other.

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