RadioBoost™  for Emergency Responders.

Today's new building constructions are built with energy-saving low-emissions glass, concrete and steel which are notorious for blocking radio and cellular frequency from penetrating a building. These radio dead zones can result in emergency response communication gaps which can put your residents and first responders in danger. RadioBoost™ creates safer buildings in the event of an emergency.

A Turn- Key Solution.

RadioBoost™ - Emergency Responder (ER) is a public safety radio frequency booster system that brings outdoor radio coverage inside of a building. RadioBoost ERRC uses a rooftop donor antenna and antenna distribution to bring outdoor radio frequency inside of a building. This system provides first responders with emergency communications radio coverage in the areas where they need it most including hallway corridors, garages and subterranean levels.

Radio Coverage Regulations & Certificate of Occupancy.

In post-9/11 United States, regulations have been made at the national, state and local levels mandating emergency responder communication coverage for building occupancy.  RadioBoost™ - ER fulfills the requirements for national, state or local ordinance that mandates coverage.  RadioBoost™ - ER provides coverage in the 150 MHz (VHF), 450 MHz (UHF) and 700/800 (LMR) bands with the ability to provide coverage in future bands as mandated.

Spot On works directly with the certifying party (Authority Having Jurisdiction “AHJ”) to ensure that you receive your certificate of occupancy on time.

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