RadioBoost™  for Emergency Responders.

RadioBoost™ - Emergency Responder (ER) is a public safety radio frequency booster system that brings outdoor radio coverage inside of a building.  This system provides first responders with emergency communications radio coverage in the areas where they need it most including hallway corridors, garages and subterranean levels.

In post-9/11 United States, regulations have been made at the national, state and local levels mandating emergency responder communication coverage for building occupancy.  RadioBoost™ - ER fulfills the requirements for national, state or local ordinance that mandates coverage.  RadioBoost™ - ER provides coverage in he 150 MHz (VHF), 450 MHz (UHF) and 700/800 (LMR) bands with the ability to provide coverage in future bands as mandated.

Today's new building construction is built with energy-saving low-emissions glass, concrete and steel which are notorious for blocking radio and cellular frequency from penetrating a building and can result in emergency response communication gaps.  Building owners need to provide RadioBoost™ - ER or similar radio frequency coverage within their buildings to provide reliable coverage for fire fighters, police and other first responder personnel.  RadioBoost™ - ER creates safer buildings in the event of an emergency.

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