WiFiPlus is about more than Internet access.  Our WiFi networks offer a host of beneficial applications that improve operations, save money, reduce carbon footprint and increase the value of your property.

WiFi is ranked the #1 amenity by multiple industries.  We all know that people want to stay connected, but, did you know that the same WiFi network that we deploy for your residents, guests and tenants can improve your property operations?  WiFiPlus supports almost any industry.  Scroll through the tabs below to see how WiFiPlus benefits properties in your industry.


WiFiPlus Features

  • Building automation and access controls
  • Energy management and monitoring
  • Residential home controls
  • Security monitoring
  • Patient monitoring/ tracking
  • Inventory monitoring/ tracking


monitor your energy & save money…

Spot on Networks has partnered with Powerhouse Dynamics and their powerful eMonitor® to develop wifiplus. the eMonitor® system combines granular, wireless monitoring of electric circuits with remote HVAC control, proactive alerting on a range of energy usage, cost, safety and equipment performance issues, and real-time building displays.

centralized and ubiquitous data collection, cloud-based computing, advanced analytics and an effective user experience all contribute to low cost and high degree of effectiveness..


  • remote, centralized monitoring of all electronic loads with wireless communications
  • single or 3-phase power; 120V, 240v, 480v
  • proactive cost, usage, safety and performance alerts via text & email
  • remote HVAC control
  • 3 stage head – 2 stage cool and humidifier
  • renewable energy monitoring
  • expandable to monitor and control additional equipment
  • multi-facility benchmarking at facility and equipment level
  • delivered as software via the web and mobile device – no servers required


  • recover lost profits by identifying and eliminating excessive energy spending
  • turn energy into a controllable expense that can be part of management incentives
  • be warned about impending budget overrun in time to do something about it
  • determine where and when energy $ are going to guide decision-making
  • avoid energy being used inefficiently during non-business hours
  • control thermostats centrally to ensure balance between comfort and expense
  • validate equipment performance and results of maintenance programs
  • avoid downtime and revenue loss by identigying potential equipment problems before they occur
  • identify equipment contributing to demand and power factor charges so corrective action can be taken

WiFiPlus WiFi Networks

wifi availability influences venue choice for 64% of restaurant goers…

wifiplus® provides high speed wifi access throughout your entire venue for all wifi enabled devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops and more. your customers want to stay connected wherever they go, including at your business! wifiplus® allows you to provide the much desired amenity to your customers while helping you to save money.


  • high speed usersafe® wifi available throughout your entire venue
  • wifi access for all wifi enabled devices
  • unlimited data offload for mobile device users
  • email capture/ eblast integration with your e-marketing service – capture who is logging on!
  • login pages branded to your business
  • 24/7 customer support for you and your users
  • fast speed assurance with bandwidth monitoring


  • provide your customers with a much-desired amenity
  • entice customers to return by placing banner ads, coupons and offers on your wifi network
  • build a loyal customer database by acquiring email address
  • wifi network provides the backbone necessary for energy management and monitoring
  • compare energy usage of multiple restaurant locations from your mobile device