Facilities WiFi

Facilities WiFi™

expands a property’s secure back-office connectivity throughout an entire property or in specific areas of a property using a property’s existing back-end infrastructure.  Facilities WiFi™ allows staff to be able to utilize secure WiFi Internet access where they can work, email, surf, using leasing applications and more, property-wide or in designated areas.  This staff-only wireless network allows for pre-authentication of devices allowing for easy access to the Internet.


Extend your back office network with WiFi… UserSafe™ WiFi access for your staff in the areas they need it most!
  • No upfront expenditure required/ capital cost reduction
  • Secure, backed by UserSafe™ technology
  • Uses your existing staff networks – no seperate network needed
  • Dedicated staff-only SSID and VLAN
  • Supports additional network devices such as IP video cameras, DVR systems, energy monitoring, access control & more

  • Unlimited data usage with NO additional charge or data usage caps – saves your property money
  • WiFi access where your staff needs it most – in designated areas or property-wide
  • Device pre-authentication – no need for authenticated staff to log in or accept terms and conditions


A WiFi network that improves staff operations and saves your property money!

save money on data

Having access to data is a necessity as more and more properties are using the internet and data-guzzling mobile apps to lease apartments and operate properties.   The cellular companies charge big for data but these expensive plans can be easily avoided by extending your staff network using Facilities WiFi™ .  Whether your staff needs to be able to have data access in a few common areas, staff-only areas like the basement or property-wide, Facilities WiFi™ includes unlimited data usage.  This means your property can stop paying for expensive data plans from the cellular carriers and start using faster and more secure WiFi for data transmissions.

mobility & security

Secure Internet access is a must-have for property staff.  Facilities WiFi™ networks are completely separate from your residential WiFi network and backed by UserSafe™  technology.  Facilities WiFi™  takes your existing back-office staff network and extends it to areas you designate, providing WiFi access in those areas.  This allows your property staff to have Internet access on their tablets, laptops and smartphones but still be connected to your staff network.  UserSafe™  technology guards from hacking and identity theft.  Staff connect to WiFi on their own separate VLAN and SSID.

smartbuilding add-ons

Facilities WiFi™ wireless and wired infrastructure can be used to support additional network devices and appliances that benefit property owners, improve property operations and help properties to save money.  Facilities WiFi™ networks allow staff to monitor IP video cameras and DVR systems, monitor energy usage, control HVAC and access control systems and more.  Building owners and managers, leasing staff, maintenance, engineering personnel and all of property operations benefit greatly from a secure staff WiFi network.