Poor indoor cellular coverage?  We’ve got you covered!


The introduction of “green” building initiatives in large commercial buildings, coupled with the use of certain radio frequency spectrum by cellphone service providers, have reduced cell service reception in these buildings. Residents and tenants of these buildings experience poor voice quality, slow data speeds or incomplete data transmissions using Smartphones. Poor indoor cellular signal has a negative impact on selling, leasing and business in commercial buildings.


Your property’s indoor cellular problems: SOLVED.

The CellBoost 3-Part Solution: Cellular Coverage, Radio Coverage & High Capacity WiFi Data

The CellBoost™ 3-Part Solution: Cellular Coverage, Radio Coverage & High Capacity WiFi Data

The CellBoost™ Family of Services: A Three Part Solution

  • Enhances cellular signal indoors
    When residents are looking for an apartment, they are not only checking square footage and amenities… they are checking the cellular signal inside of your building.  The majority of today’s residents rely on their smartphones as their primary phone line.  Lack of indoor cellular coverage in your building will cost your business.  CellBoost™ involves placing amplifiers in telecom closets that connect to antennae in hallways or apartments and it costs a fraction of a typical DAS (distributed antenna system).
  • Enhances radio signal for first responders
    For too long first responders have gone without adequate radio coverage in many buildings.  A lack of indoor radio coverage puts the public and first responders at risk.  Spot On has partnered with Stream Wireless to provide complementary wireless services to multifamily residential and multitenant building owners.  The SignalAssure™ service provides a total solution to the building owner for in-building communications for public safety.
  • Provides high capacity data, property-wide
    Building occupants are gobbling up data faster than the cellular companies can provide it.  Simple internet access does not cut it anymore, people are using their phones and tablets for more than just surfing the internet: for gaming, watching TV and movies and using high-data mobile applications.  These activities require both coverage and capacity.

Don’t lose a single resident, guest or tenant due to poor indoor cellular coverage!

CellBoost™ involves placing amplifiers in telecom closets that connect to antennae located in hallways or apartments with voice coverage in problem areas throughout the building.  Every cellular service provider that is present outside will be boosted inside.  CellBoost™ is a carrier neutral design approach.

CellBoost™ vs. DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

  • CellBoost™ is backed by a property-wide WiFi backbone that will allow your residents and guests wireless access to high capacity data throughout your property.  This allows for unlimited, high speed and secure data transmissions.  Data over WiFi is passed at significantly higher speeds than cellular.
  • CellBoost™ readies your property for Passpoint™/ Hotspot™ 2.0 which allow for seamless cellular-to-wifi roaming.  This is not supported by DAS.
  • CellBoost™ is significantly less expensive than a typical DAS, often 1/5 of the cost.
  • CellBoost™ is carrier neutral which means any carrier signal that is present outdoors at your property will be boosted indoors.
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Passpoint, Hotspot 2.0, Cell-to-WiFi roaming and what it means for your property…

Don't be afraid to go inside... Your cell coverage will still be there!

Don’t be afraid to go inside… Your cell coverage will still be there!

What is Passpoint™/ Hotspot 2.0?
  • The definition of wifi locations that will automatically authenticate cellular subscribers through agreements with the cell carriers and the use of Passpoint™ 2.0 certified devices (such as Ruckus equipment which is used by Spot On Networks).  That meas that a cell subscriber moving from an area of cell carrier coverage outside to an inside area serviced by a “trusted” WiFi provider will continue to have service with seamless roaming capability.  In short… it’s seamless cellular to WiFi roaming.
What does it mean for your residents?
  • Residents will have wireless data service inside the building where cell service was lacking in the past.  Eventually the subscriber will have LTE voice service as well (provided an LTE phone is used).  As more and more residents switch to LTE voice enabled smartphones, your property will be able to provide them with seamless cellular-to-WiFi voice services.
What does it mean for your property?
  • As time passes and more 4G LTE phones are being used, there will be little to no need to implement a DAS system.  Overtime the typical DAS will become obsolete as it does not support 4G LTE.
How does Spot On’s WiFi network support Passpoint?
  • Spot On’s WiFi networks utilize Ruckus equipment which has been certified by the WiFi Alliance for Passpoint 2.0.
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It’s all about coverage AND capacity.


You want to ensure that your property has the best indoor cellular coverage possible, but today’s device are used for more than just voice – you need the data capacity to support a host of wifi/ cellular devices including smartphones and tablets.  That is why CellBoost™ is backed by a high capacity, property wide, managed WiFi network that is optimized for high capacity data streaming on any WiFi enabled device.

Data usage isn’t about being able to simply support web browsing or email access anymore.  Todays users are gobbling up data at rates never seen before and using their smartphones and tablets for watching tv and movies, video chatting and high data usage apps.  The WiFi coverage that your property provides needs to have the technology to support this kind of usage.

Spot on utilizes wireless equipment that supports phenomenal wireless coverage and high capacity usage.  Our wireless technology adjusts for the type of device being used, where it is being used and how much data it is using.  This means that users at your property will receive the coverage they need at any given moment and your network will adjust – saving your property bandwidth for other users.

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