architect and foreman in front of a buildingJust read MFE’s article: 4 Things Multifamily Owners Should Consider before Starting Major Renovations.  Granted, the article was more about keeping renters happy during renovation and construction and less about technology’s place during the construction phase, but it got me thinking anyway.  Major renovations on existing buildings are the perfect time for building owners to think about cabling and to implement a cabling plan to future proof their buildings.  Obviously, the perfect time to think about cabling is pre-new construction with an extensive and comprehensive cabling plan, but renovation time is another ideal opportunity to get existing buildings wired for current and future technologies.

We hear this issue often: a building owners spends millions of dollars constructing a new build or renovating an existing one without any cabling plan.  It is often after construction is finished that we are contacted to outfit the property with wireless.  Unfortunately this creates a problem for building owners who end up having to drill into new walls, find room for telecom equipment and aesthetically pleasing places for access points.  Even with the proliferation of wireless devices, cabling is often completely overlooked with no cable having been pulled to the units.  Obviously this is a completely preventable issue that can cost building owners a lot of unexpected dollars and time.  The sooner we can get involved with your new construction or renovation plans to advise on the proper cabling scenario, the smoother the cabling process will go and the happier the resident will be  (less delays and better support for technologies) and the happier the building owner will be (less money spent and the more seamless the result).

We advise that building owners seriously consider a comprehensive cable plan either pre-construction on a new build or anytime major renovations are being planned to save time and money.  A proper cabling plan allows building owners to wire their buildings not only to provide residents and staff with the necessary access to support today’s technologies, but the right cable pulled to the right places can ensure that the building is future-proofed for future needs.  A good cabling plan will provide modularity for the incorporation of data and voice services as well as provide adequate support for IoT.

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