Assisted Living


WiFi-backed application that increase property value & improved residents quality of life

The same WiFi network that benefits your residents also increases the value of your property by acting as the wireless backbone for a host of applications that can help your property to save on energy usage, reduce operational expenses, improve staff communications and provide assistance based technology.


Today’s boomers are tomorrows seniors and boomers love technology! Ensure that your property has a technology plan to support the residents of tomorrow.

Managed WiFi for Assisted Living Properties

How do seniors benefit from WiFi access?

Today’s seniors are tech savvy and demanding wireless access to keep informed and in communication with their families and health providers. Secure WiFi provides your residents and their families with information and independence.

  • 69% of seniors aged 65> own a mobile phone
  • 58% of seniors aged 65-73 are online
  • In the last five years, the number of seniors actively using the Internet has increased by more than 55%
  • The most popular uses for the Internet for 74> include: email, web searches, shopping, news, travel, banking and religious info.

How do seniors benefit from WiFi access?


  • Email access
  • Social media
  • Family blogs/ pictures
  • Message and hobby boards
  • Access to medical information, doctors and nurses


  • News/ current events
  • Ongoing education
  • Religious information/ services
  • Books/ magazines, videos
  • Investment and financial tracking

Energy spending can be the largest uncontrolled cost for Assisted Living properties.  WiFiPlus helps properties like yours to save money on energy, monitor usage, earn LEED credits and decrease carbon footprint!

  • Monitor energy usage, save money on utilities, earn LEED credits and decrease carbon footprint!
  • Experience up to a 30% reduction in energy spending via energy controls and energy monitoring.
  • Deploying a wireless energy management solution can earn your property LEED credits.
  • Control all aspects of your property’s energy usage…wirelessly!
  • Lower lights in hallways, dining rooms and lobbies during low-usage hours.
  • Control HVAC in common areas and/ or individual apartment residences – manually control or set on automatic timers.
  • Monitor and control dining room and kitchen equipment to ensure it is working properly and not turned on when not in use.
  • Receive alerts for uncharacteristic energy spending.
  • Save on the cost of wiring in new and retrofit!
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WiFiPlus™ offers Assisted Living properties beneficial applications that can increase resident quality of life, aid in resident care and improve property operations.  Spot On WiFi provides your property with the following applications geared towards improving the quality of life of your residents, making work more efficient for staff and saving your property money!

WiFiPlus for assisted living

Constant care assurance
  • Monitor bed/ chair sensors, occupancy sensors, mobile call buttons, vitals
Assistance based technology
  • Monitor patient activity, security devices, doors, windows, cameras
Improved communications
  • Monitor staff/ improve employee communications. Allow staff to use their WiFi enabled devices on secure, staff-only networks
 Competitive advantage
  • Competitive client value for patients and family members. Increases your property’s value
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69% of seniors are relying on mobile phones for communication.  If your property has poor indoor cellular coverage you are probably losing business.  Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered.


For properties with poor cellular coverage, Spot On offers CellBoost ™.  CellBoost ™ boosts indoor cellular signal in properties with little to no cellular coverage and is backed by a high capacity wireless data network allowing for property-wide cellular and WiFi coverage everywhere at your property… even in the event of a power outage, a phone outage or an emergency.  As the Boomers become your residents poor indoor cellular coverage will become a deal breaker.  Boomers rely on technology and your property needs to have a cellular and data coverage plan.

CellBoost ™ is a three-part solution that includes:

  • Indoor cellular coverage – carrier-autonomous cellular coverage throughout your propertyCellBoost solves indoor cellular coverage issues.
  • Indoor radio coverage for first responders –  emergency workers have the indoor radio coverage that they need to communicate inside your building
  • High capacity wireless data network – provides property-wide WiFi access for any device and provides backbone support for energy management, building automation and constant care assurance

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