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Getting logged on

Current rates, billing and promotions for High Speed Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet

Managing your account

Wi-Fi (Wireless) printing and other interesting facts

Security and Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet technology

Wired Networks (only at specific locations)


Getting logged on

How do I sign up for the Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet and/ or Cell-Fi™ service?

Call Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet and ask for our One Call concierge service – we’ll get you set up while you are on the phone with us. You will need a credit card to get this done.

Or sign-up yourself – instantly! If you have a Wi-Fi/802.11b/g adapter or wireless PC with an embedded card like Intel Centrino mobile technology and you are located in an apartment / condominium property served by Spot On, just power up and set your Wi-Fi adapter or embedded card as follows:

  • The network name or SSID (as seen in Windows XP) is SpotOn
  • Other OS versions: the SSID is (case sensitive – all lowercase): spoton
  • WEP encryption is not enabled for our networks

Help with Windows XP: For details on setting these parameters, please see the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of your Wi-Fi card.

Once the Window icon indicated a connection, open your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.).

If you are located in a Spot On High Speed Broadband Wi-Fi Internet property, a Spot On splash page will be displayed. Simply click the sign-up button and follow the easy online instructions. You will need a valid credit card.

You can also contact Customer Service at 87.SPOTON.87 (877.768.6687).

How do I log in?

If you have a Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet account already, or you have a free trial or pre-paid coupon:

  • Associate to the Spoton SSID
  • Start Internet explorer or your browser, you will see the Spot On login screen.
  • Enter your username.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click submit.
  • Once your account is validated, you will be connected to the Internet.

How do I log out?

Your computer will log out from the network:

  • If you turn off your PC or go into standby.
  • If you have the ACM, from the Active Networks tab on the ACM console, click the disconnect button.

Have technical, network access difficulties?

Contact Customer Support at 877-768-6687 or online at spotonnetworks.com/contact-us.

How do I log in automatically?

There are two ways for you to set up automatic login for your devices.  You can do this when you set up your account with us by checking the “Enable Automatic login for my devices” checkbox or you can set up automatic login for any device at anytime from our Customer Registration and Service Portal.

For step-by-step detail for how to set up automatic login on your devices, please download this document: Setting Up Automatic Login

Setting up automatic login through the customer service portal requires you know the MAC address of your device.  To view detailed instructions on where to locate your MAC address, click here.

How do I locate my device’s MAC Address?

In order to set up automatic login on your mobile device you will need to know your device’s MAC address. To view detailed instructions on where to locate your MAC address, click here.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Macintosh computers with PowerMac (or greater) 32 MB of RAM 10BaseT Ethernet connection Mac OS 7.6.1 (or later).

Pentium 133 MHz CPU (or greater) with 32 MB of RAM, One (1) available ISA or PCI slot or Ethernet connection with Windows XP or Vista Operating System and Original Operating System software disk or CD-ROM.

What if my signal is low?

A weak signal may be caused by your computer’s distance from an access point or interfering objects such as a microwave or cordless phone. Signals may be stronger in other parts of your apartment–try moving your computer around to another location in order to pick up more signal..

A higher powered access antenna may solve the signal issue. Please call Customer Service or use the link, sysco.spotonnetworks.com/wordpress/signal-booster.php , to talk about ordering your high gain antenna at no charge.

What adapters and wireless cards are compatible with Spot On’s High Speed Broadband Internet Wi-Fi network?

Please check that your Intel wireless drivers are up to date. Having the most recent drivers makes a big difference in your experience with wireless networks. Below is a direct link to Intel’s Driver Update Utility, which will check for the most recent drivers for you. If you have any trouble, please contact us at 1-87-SPOTON-87.

Click here to check for up-to-date Intel drivers for your computer


Spot On’s High Speed Broadband Wi-Fi (wireless) networks are 802.11b/g compatible and work with any card showing the Wi-Fi certified logo.

Other recommended solutions available from local electronics stores are the Orinoco™ 11b USB adapter and the Orinoco™ 11b Client Gold PC card or can be purchased online at www.pcconnection.com or www.cdw.com.

For Apple computers, an Airport card is required.

What software or drivers are required?

Windows XP and Vista will auto-recognize using windows zero configuration.

  • A driver is located on the CD-Rom that came with the adapter. When you start the computer with the adapter installed, it will ask for a driver. Place the Linksys or Orinoco CD-Rom in the CD-Rom drive; let windows search the CD-Rom for the driver.
  • After installation of the drivers and adaptor connection manager you will need to use the adaptor connection manager to navigate to the Spot On network SSID ‘Spot On”.

For Macintosh or Apple, the software is in the configuration for the “AirPort” card. See the AirPort card documentation for specific instructions. You will need to set your AirPort card to select the Spot On SSID to access our network.

Spot On recommends you keep all drivers updated. Current Intel Centrino processor driver update information can be obtained from www.support.intel.com or by calling Intel at (916) 377.7000 (Option 1). For information on other common adapters, please consult their websites.

What is my username/password?

You must create your username and password. It must be at least 6 characters and no more than 20 characters in length. It can be a combination of both numbers and letters.

What if I forget my password?

Contact Customer Support at 87.SPOTON.87 (877.768.6687).

How does Spot On’s High Speed Broadband Wi-Fi Internet service work?

Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet installs access points throughout each apartment or SpotZone location, which transmits a radio signal to the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g wireless network card on your computer. With a wireless computer device you can launch your browser from within a Spot On location and receive a login page to enter your username and password. Once your account information is verified, you will be able to connect to the Internet. For non-computing wireless (Wi-Fi) devices (such as Wii, Playstation, DVR, and Xbox, contact Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet for more information.

Do I need a phone line?

A wireless (Wi-Fi) connection requires no phone line making it impossible to get a busy signal.

How do I log in with a Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet Prepaid Card?

This card is valid for a fixed number of online minutes and has an expiration date.

Start Internet Explorer or your browser, you will see the Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet login screen.

  • On the pre-paid coupon, you will see a username and password.
  • Enter the username in the 1st prepaid card field.
  • Enter the password in the 2nd prepaid card field.
  • Click submit.

Once your pre-paid card has been validated, you will be connected to high speed Internet. This card runs continuously and will expire in the amount of time given on the card.

Be sure to log out when you are done, since your remaining minutes are usable until card expires. The expiration date is listed on the card.

For example: If you have 2 hour card and use 30 minutes, the remaining 90 minutes will run out in 90 minutes. Cards issued directly by Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet as a promotion will hold the remaining time for use at a later session.

Can I access my VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network, it is used by corporate business travelers for connecting securely back to the headquarters when traveling. We currently do not block the use of VPN and support most standard VPN protocols. If you are having difficulty connecting to your VPN, contact Customer Support at 877.768.6687.

What causes occasional slow speeds?

At certain peak times of the day (generally evenings and weekends), increased network traffic can result in congestion and slow responses from web sites. Spot On Networks High Speed Wi-Fi Internet implements service level agreements (SLAs) and continuously monitors its networks to ensure that all bandwidth supplied to its properties is being appropriately distributed to its subscribers, and will impose bandwidth throttling or other measures if a user violates our Acceptable Use
In addition, factors outside of the control of Spot On Networks, such as general Internet backbone congestion or bandwidth outages, can result in slower internet performance. If you are running bandwidth-intensive applications, such as a large file upload, we recommend you schedule such applications for non-peak usage times (e.g., middle of the night) for best performance.


Current rates, billing and promotions for High Speed Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet

What are your current rates and plans for Spot On Networks High Speed Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet service?

Plans start as low as $19.99 per month. To see our current rates Click Here. For our current High Speed Internet Promotions, please visit sysco.spotonnetworks.com/wordpress/promotions.


Is my credit card secure when I sign up?

Yes. All credit card information is passed through a 128-bit SSL encryption which is the same level of encryption utilized by the banks.


How and when will I be billed?

Once you activate your Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet service, you will be charged your first month’s service. You will be billed on or about the same day each month as your original activation date. Our annual plans are billed just once for the entire year. The monthly plan rolls automatically month to month. To discontinue, just call customer support at 877.768.6687.


Does Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet ever advertise special promotions?

Please check our website at http://www.spotonnetworks.com/promotions.php to see what special promotions we may be offering. We also want to keep you informed as our Wi-Fi promotions and special offerings change. Become a Fan on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe to our Wi-Fi News & Technology Blog to be automatically notified when new
Wi-Fi promotions are made available.

Managing your account

How do I manage my account if I am set up to log in automatically?

Use this link to access your account information from anywhere.


Do you have accounts for multiple users?

Sub-accounts are available with some of our plans. These accounts are additional users added to your parent account. It is recommended that you do not share your account information with others, as multiple users on a unique user ID will cause one of you to get bumped off the network. The sub-accounts cannot be MAC authenticated and will need to login each time the user opens a new Internet session.

After logging in, click on the Customer Registration and Service Portal link.

Then click on Account Services; then View Account; then Add a New Account. Complete the information and click Add Account. Your new account will be ready to use immediately.


How many email accounts will I get and how do I set them up?

With Home Spot accounts you receive 10 free email addresses per account. For Easy Spot accounts you receive one. Each email address comes with 5 Mg of storage, a 5 Mg file size limit, SPAM filtering and virus scan functionality. To set up your @spotonusa.com email addresses, you will need to call into our customer support: 877-768-6687.


How do I maintain my Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet account?

Click on the “Customer Registration and Service Portal” link located on your splash page or call Spot On for assistance. From here you can add secondary users, MAC authenticate and change credit card information.


How do I set up my devices to receive email?

Set Up POP – iPhoneTM, iPadTM, iPod®


Wireless (Wi-Fi) printing and other interesting facts

Can I print wirelessly with the Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet network?

Yes! It requires some configuration assistance from Spot On High Speed Wi-Fi Internet. Give us a call and we will work with you to get you set up. Toll free: 877.768.6687


What is a Spot On SpotZone?

Spot On SpotZone high-speed Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet access is available in convenient public locations such as cafes, restaurants and your favorite places to study. Using either a laptop or handheld that is Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g wirelessly-enabled, you can access the Internet. To see our SpotZones go to: www.wi-fihotspotlist.com or www.jiwire.com.

Does Skype work with your High Speed Internet network?

Yes. Our access works like any other high speed broadband access giving you access to Web services worldwide.

Did you know that when you download Skype and use your smartphone over Wi-Fi you can save money, save minutes and get faster data transfer and clearer calling over the Wi-Fi network? It’s called Cell-Fi™ and it’s hot technology. Learn more.

Can I use my Wii, Playstation, DVR, Xbox and other Wi-Fi (wireless) enabled devices on your network?

Yes. Using these devices requires the assignment of its MAC address to our network. Please call Spot On for assistance. It only takes a few minutes. You can use our service for ancillary Wi-Fi (wireless) devices, even if you choose to use another provider for your regular Internet access. Just $5.99 per month per Wi-Fi enabled (wireless) device!

Can I use my dual mode Wi-Fi cellular phone on your network?

Yes, it’s called Cell-Fi™ and it’s HOT technology. Using these devices requires the assignment of its MAC address to our network. Please call Spot On for assistance. It only takes a few minutes.

Did you know that when you use your smartphone over Wi-Fi you can save money, save minutes and get faster data transfer and clearer calling over the Wi-Fi network? Learn more.

Add your cellphone to your current Wi-Fi plan by adding another ID. Don’t have a Spot On Wi-Fi plan? Use Cell-Fi™ Stand Alone. The service is only $9.99/ month and has the capability of saving you a ton of money. Call no for more information: 877-768-6687, or read more about Cell-Fi™.

Security and Wi-Fi (wireless) technology

Is Spot On Secure?

Spot On Networks High Speed Wi-Fi Internet uses the same standards used by most e-commerce and on-line banking web servers to ensure secure communications.
IWhy does my computer say: “This network may be insecure”?

While your computer may show a message that says: “This network may be insecure”, Spot On Networks uses a patented client isolation technology called UserSafe®.  UserSafe® technology guards you from hacking, spoofing and identity theft, making you invisible to other users that may be on the network.  This level of security protects you at each point of the network, including the back-end and is a far superior form of technology than putting a password at the entry to the network.

What is UserSafe® Technology?

UserSafe® is the trade name for our patented security technology. Usersafe guards each individual client over Spot On Networks from hacking, spoofing and identity theft using client isolation technology. While on the Spot On network each user is invisible to other users over the network and can communicate only with the internet, never with another device. This means that no one can “see” you over Spot On Networks and if you can’t be seen, you can’t be hacked.

Is Spot On Networks High Speed Wi-Fi Internet password protected?

Spot On Networks subscribers are required to create a user name and password to access the network. Subscribers are also offered the opportunity to activate MAC authentication, which allows automatic login when accessing the network.
Does Spot On Networks High Speed Wi-Fi Internet have other protections to keep users from accessing my private information?

Network security on Spot On Networks’ systems use several methods to prevent inter-user communication within the site network itself.

What is an access point?

An access point for wireless Ethernet is a device that communicates with wireless-enabled notebook computers and Ethernet cards to transmit data via radio signals.


What is WPA?

WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protect Access. It is an improvement over WEP technology in that it provides better data encryption and user authentication. WPA works with Wi-Fi products that are WEP enabled.


What is WECA?

WECA stands for Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance. WECA promotes international adoption of the Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g standard for interoperability in wireless local area networking for enterprises, small businesses, and homes.


What is WEP?

WEP is short for Wired Equivalent Privacy. It is a security protocol for wireless local area networks. WEP attempts to provide security by encrypting data over radio waves so that it is protected as it is transmitted from one end point to another. It has been found that WEP is not as secure as once believed.


What Wi-Fi standard does Spot On High Speed Internet use?

We’ve currently standardized on IEEE (Institute Electrical and Electronic Engineers) 802.11b/g technology.


How do you decide what types of technology to use?

We use the best high speed broadband technology available and are continually evaluating new products. These are introduced into our networks when it addresses real customer needs and when we know the product will support our high quality standards.


Are there health risks from Wi-Fi High Speed Internet?

The amount of non-ionizing radiation absorbed by a person’s body from a Wi-Fi station is less than one-fifth that they receive from FM radio and TVs that surround them day and night, the World Health Organization has concluded. And the level of non-ionizing radiation — radiation such as light or microwaves that do not cause genetic damage — from the Wi-Fi (wireless) computer routers are between 0.002 per cent and two per cent of international safe-exposure guidelines, the WHO says in a report that considered 10 years of research.

Wired Networks

Guidelines for setting up a wired router to work with Spot On Networks: download pdf

  • Wired connection only available at certain locations. Please call Customer Support at 1-87-SPOTON-87 if you would like more information.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the wall-jack of your unit to the WAN port of your router. If you plug the cable from the wall into the wrong port on your router, you will not get Internet access.
  • Change the password on the router from the default.
  • Set the router WAN IP address to DHCP.
  • Many routers can operate in either router mode (a.k.a. NAT enabled) or bridge mode (a.k.a. NAT disabled). Router mode (a.k.a. NAT enabled) must be selected to be able to use more than one network device simultaneously.
  • Default LAN (local area network) settings for most routers are generally ok. As a guideline, the following configuration will work:
  • LAN IP Address:
  • LAN Subnet Mask:
  • DNS Server #1:
  • DNS Server #2:
  • LAN DHCP Enabled
  • LAN DHCP Ranges: –
  • Wi-Fi (wireless) Settings:
  • Select a unique SSID, such as your last name or apartment number. Do not use the default SSID for security.
  • Enable WPA encryption (recommended) or WEP encryption to prevent neighbors or passers-by from remotely accessing your computers and network devices.
  • If the router has the capability of automatically selecting a broadcast channel (often called “auto-channeling”), enable this feature. Otherwise, change the default channel (typically channel 6) to any other channel to minimize potential interference from neighbors’ routers.

Customers should reference the Setup Guide that came with the router or visit the following websites for the most popular routers to download the correct setup guide: