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Can your property afford to overlook resident WiFi security?

WiFi is an expected amenity in the multifamily industry and building owners are charged with deciding exactly how they are going to fulfill this resident need. Does a property offer WiFi throughout the entire property? Should WiFi access be offered only in the amenity areas? Should WiFi be free, paid for by the resident or a combination of both? What about WiFi calling?

While all of the aforementioned questions are important when deciding how to offer WiFi at your property, one question is often overlooked when vetting WiFi solutions: “How safe is the WiFi that we are offering to our residents?

User security over WiFi is a hot news topic, but ironically, WiFi users will often forgo security for convenience, despite being aware of potential threats. This is true in public settings, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and even amenity areas. As the oldest WiFi service provider to multifamily residential buildings, we have made it our priority to ensure that we protect your residents from wireless Internet threats including: hacking, spoofing and identity theft. We deploy the highest level of wireless security on all Spot On Networks by backing our network architecture with, now patented, UserSafe® technology which goes beyond encryption to protect the resident at all networking levels. This client isolation technology ensures that your resident’s wireless devices can only see and communicate directly with the Internet, never with another device on the network. If you can’t be seen on a network, you can’t be hacked. We are also able to add multiple virtual local area networks that allow for inter-device communication for leasing staff, back office communications and IoT.

There has been a prevalence in the multifamily industry of building owners allowing cable and telcos, like Comcast, to put “free” WiFi hotspots in their amenity areas. Not only do these hotspot scenarios leave residents vulnerable to WiFi security threats by people within the building, but building owners should be aware of cable providers that broadcast a public, dual-SSID that anyone can access, even if they are not a resident and even if your amenity area network requires a password! While these hotspots can be tempting because of their low cost, they leave residents vulnerable in their home community. If WiFi users tend to be complacent and conduct banking, shopping, etc. over public networks, think about how much more comfortable they feel at your property. Is the cost of UserSafe® technology and a managed WiFi solution too high a price to pay for peace of mind?

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