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Webinar answers building owners managers questions about WiFi Calling

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Spot On Networks held a webinar Wednesday, August 13 @ 1:00 PM EST. on WiFi Calling and how it can improve cellular use in multi-dwelling units. With a full audience of participants, the speakers Dick Sherwin, Chief Executive Office at Spot On Networks (SON), Tom Doyle , President and Chief Operations Officer at Spot On Networks (SON) and Galen Dove, Network Development Engineer discussed the following topics:

  • Problems Facing the MDU Building Owner/Developer
  • The Evolution of WiFi Calling
  • How WiFi Calling Works
  • The Impact on MDUs and MTUs
  • The Carriers & The Operating Systems
  • Preparing for WiFi Calling

Issues such as Geographic-based Coverage VS. Capacity/User-based Coverage highlighted the need for micro-cell vs macro-cells infrastructure inside of building to address the green building material problems that drastically affect how much signal makes it inside the building. Cost and maintenance topics were addressed to illustrated how easy and inexpensive the WiFi solution is compared to any of the other solutions available today on the market.

This webinar lays out a host solutions that can improve the bottom line for building owners and managers, but also improve the customer satisfaction and increase and cement brand loyalty that residents may otherwise lose due to poor cellular signal inside of their residences.


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