Spot On Networks, LLC (“SON”) Appoints Bryan Randall as Chief Operations Officer

Former Spot On Systems Engineer to oversee all of SON’s Operations

For Immediate Release

New Haven, CT – December 23, 2019 – Spot On Networks, LLC (“SON”) today announced that Bryan Randall has been appointed Chief Operations Officer, replacing Jessica DaSilva who was acting as interim COO.  Randall was previously responsible for overseeing Sales Engineering and various aspects of SON’s network operations.  Randall will report to Dick Sherwin, Chief Executive Officer of SON.  DaSilva will assume a new role as Chief Strategy Officer responsible for the strategic and marketing direction of the company.

“Bryan has proven himself to be a leader who has a consistent track record of delivering results in both network engineering and operational excellence,” said Dick Sherwin, CEO, Spot On Networks.  “We are confident that Randall’s engineering expertise, customer focus and vision for a wireless future will lead to success and growth for SON.  With Jessica as the CSO and Bryan as the COO, we have a strong team of knowledgeable people who understand the market and how to address it.”  DaSilva agrees, “With the introduction of WiFi 6 and the success of our RadioBoost® product, Spot On Networks is expecting a large surge in growth this year.  We are confident that Bryan’s enthusiasm and ability is essential to our 2020 plan and vision for the future”.

Effective immediately, Randall will be responsible for internal and customer-facing network operations, engineering, project management, customer relations and 24/7 service groups.  Randall will be responsible for scaling SON operations to meet its growing customer base and ensuring operational excellence across all service chains.

Randall is very excited about his new role and Spot On’s position in the market stating, “Our knowledge of multifamily with respect to resident connectivity has solidified Spot On Networks as a major resource in this space. We will continue to keep on the forefront of emerging technology, and I look forward to evolving our deployments to include 5G, CBRS, and WiFi 6”.

Randall joined Spot On Networks in 2015 as a Systems Engineer and has been an integral part of ensuring that SON’s technology is both relevant to the industry and in-line with on the company’s long- term vision and network architecture and network security patents.


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