Spot On Networks CEO Richard Sherwin discusses Managed Wi-Fi.

  • For readers that are not familiar with the company, tell us what Spot On Networks is and does.

Spot On Networks has considerable expertise in wireless connectivity implementation in multi-tenant buildings. The company offers a range of services that connect residents to the internet, building staff to the internet and to building servers, and emergency first responders to their dispatch centers and on – site officers.   Spot On’s patented services offer the highest speeds, greatest capacity and most secure wireless networks available today.

  • At the moment, how do you measure success? What are your metrics?

We have key performance indicators, known as KPIs, that reflect how well we are performing. We track the number of customer service calls, the number of buildings we serve, the capacity of our Networks, the number of users using our networks, and the amount of data we carry.

  • What differentiates Spot On Networks’ managed UserSafe Wi-Fi solutions from others?

Spot On’s managed Wi-Fi service incorporates two patents: UserSafe®Technology and Tessellated Grid Design that no other service provider offers. The UserSafe®Technology platform provides a level of security using client isolation techniques to prevent users from being connected to inappropriate devices and thus reduces hacking and spoofing.  The Tessellated Grid Design offers maximum connectivity with reduced signal loss due to interference, as well as offering seamless connectivity which provides uninterrupted voice connectivity.

  • Can you share an example of a deployment you are proud of?

We are particularly pleased with our implementation of our UserSafe Wi-Fi service at a luxury high rise tower that not only provides high speed wireless internet access and Wi-Fi Calling to residents and staff, but also provide thermostat control for all residents for their individual apartments. We are also pleased with our Network as a Service to the largest affordable housing complex in the United States, which has 7,000 residents in 3,149 apartments.

  • Where do you think the company’s growth will be next year?

We’ve always helped with providing a superior end user experience, which we believe means getting people connected seamlessly and easily – bottom line. Wireless connectivity has become the 4th utility in a building, and we believe that all new buildings will require our kind of services. We see growth in the new builds of multi-family residential buildings.

  • Where can people contact you for more details?

The best way to reach us and get more information about our services is through our website: