Spot On Networks launches UserSafe®Wi-Fi in 15 amenity areas for residential complex in California


New Haven, CT- October 11, 2019- Spot On Networks, LLC (SON), the number one trusted managed Wi-Fi network in the multi-family industry, announced the launch of UserSafe® managed Wi-Fi for a residential complex in Los Angeles, California. The luxurious- high rise apartment building in downtown LA will provide residents with secure, high-speed, and reliable internet access in 15 amenity areas.

UserSafe® technology is the gold standard in Wi-Fi security and is essential to protecting a resident’s identity. Spot On Wi-Fi is backed by patented, secure Wi-Fi technology that guards users against hacking and identity theft. As a result, residents will be able to surf, work, shop, and bank with confidence over Spot On Wi-Fi.

In addition, Spot On Wi-Fi is fully installed with 24/7 technical support and a web-based application, NetPulse 360, which allows property owners and managers access to network performance data and analytics.

The apartment building will be covered with Spot On Wi-Fi in the following areas: leasing office, lounge, bike storage, conference room, club room, fitness center, hospitality counter, game area, level 2 courtyards, level 23 pool area, outdoor fitness area, bar, and outdoor amenity area.

About Spot On Networks

Spot On Networks is the leading provider of managed wireless networks to the U.S. multifamily housing industry. SON’s turn-key wireless systems provide building owners with in-building voice solutions, seamless high-speed data and support for the Internet of Things. Patented Wi-Fi security, Tessellated Grid design and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance make Spot On Networks the most trusted managed Wi-Fi provider in the U.S. For more information please visit: