5 Ways To Leverage Your Multifamily Wireless Network

At Lease Up or Renewal Offer Residents Free High Speed Wi-Fi For Streaming

Wireless connectivity is considered the “4th utility”. Next to Electricity, water and gas, Wi-Fi comes in a very close second. In fact, many residents have said they would rather have a few hours without water than a few hours without Wi-Fi. The ability to have high speed internet access and to stream content without a cable bill is a huge benefit to many renters.

Use Wi-Fi To Generate Revenue For Your Property

Offer property-wide high speed Wi-Fi to your residents at a rate much cheaper than the cable/ telco alternatives. Wi-Fi is faster, more reliable and your residents will always have connectivity – in every unit, corridor and amenity area at your property. We bill your residents directly and provide 24/7 support so your staff doesn’t worry about a thing! We send you 75% of the billed revenue every quarter.

Solve Your In-Building Cellular Problem

If your building experiences poor voice coverage inside, Wi-Fi Calling solves the problem. Spot On Wi-Fi calling provides clear and reliable voice coverage and seamless roaming throughout your entire building. Wi-Fi Calling is the quickest and most inexpensive way to solve your in-building voice coverage problem AND your property gets high speed internet access on the same network!

Provide Residents With the Hottest IoT Amenities

Today’s building owners are using the hottest IoT amenities to differentiate their properties. Everything from keyless entry to SoNos to transit screens, virtual workout classes and more.  Wireless amenities are only as good as the backbone they operate on so if your Wi-Fi backbone is unreliable and your amenities are not working you will end up with frustrated residents. Spot On Wi-Fi ensures constant uptime of your residents favorite amenities and 24/7 Tier 1,2 & 3 network support if there is ever an issue.

Save On Operational Expenses

The Internet of Things is not just about amenities. Building owners are saving on electricity and HVAC with wireless building automation applications.   In areas such as corridors, empty apartments and amenity areas after hours – electricity, heat and A/C can all be monitored and controlled over Wi-Fi. Uncontrolled costs suddenly become controllable! Security cameras, leasing apps and more can help building owners to operate more efficiently.

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