Wi-Fi 6 Ghz vote a “Stroke of Good Fortune”​ for Multifamily

Last week, the FCC Commissioners with Chairman Pai unanimously voted in favor of adding another 1.2 GHz more Wi-Fi spectrum by allocating unlicensed frequency in the 6 GHz band.

Claus Hetting, Chairman and CEO of WiFi Now, calls the release of this frequency, in conjunction with the use of IEEE802.11ax “the perfect storm”. As he posted: “As another stroke of good fortune – or perhaps some would say meticulous planning – the release of the 6 GHz band will likely coincide perfectly with wide commercial availability of devices and routers operating according to the new Wi-Fi standard previously known as 802.11ax and recently renamed by the Wi-Fi Alliance as Wi-Fi 6 (to reflect that this is the sixth generation of Wi-Fi). Wi-Fi 6 has already been designed to meet a steep rise in the number of personal devices as well as connected machines and ‘things’. Add 1.2 GHz of new spectrum and Wi-Fi 6 could perhaps triple or quadruple the connectivity capabilities of Wi-Fi systems in the reasonably foreseeable future.”

As we indicated on October 4th article, this is an excellent announcement for multifamily residential building owners because it not only doubles the frequency and channels available to WiFi service in a building, but also increases the capacity of devices and speeds of transmission.

The use of devices such as thermostats, sensors, video cameras, etc. and other IoT devices now becomes practical, and the provision of video streaming for all residents with 4K televisions becomes a reality.

The addition of Multipath TCP, which provides two streams of data to a phone also improves the roaming capability for voice services. Roaming between cell service and managed WiFi Services is now a reality for all cell carriers.