WiFi and 5G aren’t Competitors – An Expert View on the Tandem Relationship

I have often been asked about the relationship between cellular telephone’s newest version, 5G and WiFi. Recently, Monica Paolini, Founder of Senza Fili, a consulting firm providing expert support in wireless technologies and services, conducted an interview with Dr. Carlos Cordeiro, Senior Principal Engineer and Senior Director in the Next Generation and Standards Group within Intel Corporation.  I found the resulting observations of Dr. Cordeiro to be “Spot On” regarding the relationship between 5G and WiFi.

In our view, WiFi is an integral part of 5G, and the interview among these noted experts indicates just how important WiFi has become to users of mobile devices.

Here are some quotes we loved from Dr. Cordeiro that took place during the interview:

“At Intel, we think Wi-Fi is critical in meeting many of the 5G needs and use cases. We see these two technologies as complementary. Wi-Fi has a huge penetration indoors. Enterprises, homes, coffee shops, and airport lounges, for example. Cellular, of course, is prevalent outdoors. Of course, with cellular you can also get coverage indoors, but signal quality is lower. Where the quality of the cellular link falls short indoors, Wi-Fi picks up the tab, and can supplement the use case for cellular in offering 4K video streams, AR or VR.”

“Being able to marry the elements of the 5G core with the existing and future installed base of Wi-Fi, is a differentiator for 5G – something that was not possible until now.”

“Wi-Fi and 5G will go hand in hand into the future. They’re going to be tailored to different usages, to different requirements. Whenever the industry needs to bring those tools together to the benefit of the user, that’s something we will do.”

“I see a great future for Wi-Fi in the 5G world. Whenever cellular moves beyond 5G, we’re going to be there, head to head, trying to offer compelling new use cases, compelling new experiences, and making sure that the industry is always moving forward. All I can say here at the end is, long live Wi-Fi and long live cellular, because these technologies are here to stay.”

The full interview can be found and downloaded on the Senza Fili Consulting, LLC site here: “Next Generation WiFi goes hand in hand with 5G”  By Monica Paolini, Senza Fili.