Spot On Networks, LLC (“SON”) Announces the Launch of RadioBoost™-Emergency Responder and Property-Wide Wi-Fi Services in a New Jersey Residential Building


New Haven, CT – May 30, 2018 – Spot On Networks’ services are up and operational at a property in Morris Plains, New Jersey. This residential building now offers SON’s patented UserSafe® Wi-Fi technology to provide property-wide carrier-grade voice coverage with seamless roaming, Quality of Service (“QOS”) and voice packet prioritization.  The wireless network also provides data services in four (4) indoor and four (4) outdoor luxury amenity areas and over 195 residential units.  Residents experience a seamless Wi-Fi data experience throughout the entire property.  Additionally, RadioBoost™-Emergency Responder provides the building with radio coverage as mandated by the local authorities having jurisdiction. Both networks are designed, engineered, installed and managed by Spot On Networks.

Richard Sherwin, CEO of Spot On Networks revealed, “After listening to our clients over the years we have become intimately aware of the impact that excellent smartphone services can have on a building owner. Inbuilding voice solutions like Distributed Antenna Systems (“DAS”) are simply too expensive for the majority of building owners to entertain. We have long been believers that Wi-Fi calling would prove to be the best solution for the MDU/ MTU industry simply because there is little to no additional cost to add Wi-Fi Calling to our traditional community wide Wi-Fi networks which already serve multiple purposes including high speed data for residents, wireless services for staff and a wireless backbone for audio, video and fitness equipment.”

With regard to the deployment of RadioBoost™-ER services at the property, Jessica DaSilva, Vice President of Spot On Networks, stated “In a post-9/11 world, it is absolutely essential that first responders have adequate radio coverage to communicate with each other. Our turn-key system handles everything from researching compliancy to deploying and monitoring the system, allowing building owners and first responders to have peace of mind.”

About Spot On Networks

Spot On Networks is the leading provider of managed wireless networks to the U.S. multifamily housing industry. SON’s turn-key wireless systems provide building owners with in-building voice solutions, seamless high-speed data and support for the Internet of Things. Patented Wi-Fi security, Tessellated Grid design and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance make Spot On Networks the most trusted managed Wi-Fi provider in the U.S. For more information please visit: