WiFi Calling – A Network as a Service Solution

This week marks the completion of our tenth Network as a Service (“NaaS”) implementation of WiFi Calling.  Building owners, developers and managers are experiencing issues with cell phone services on high floors and in below ground levels that result from energy saving construction materials as well as cell phone density in the building and surrounding areas. Spot On Networks has developed an approach to WiFi Calling that eliminates this cell phone service problem.

Up until now, uninterrupted cell phone use has been an issue.  Owners voiced concern that residents would not have transparent, ubiquitous and seamless service in the building and outside the building.  Now, cellphone users do not even know when the phone is using WiFi or its native cellular service.

Not only do all the carriers now support WiFi Calling for most smartphones, but three of the four major carriers, representing 88% of all phones, also support roaming between our WiFi NaaS and the cellular network.  Since Spot On Networks’ patented Tessellated Grid technology provides seamless handoff throughout the NaaS in a building, cellphone users now have seamless call experience inside and outside the building, so that using the WiFi service is completely transparent to the residents of the building.

We are excited because the with implementation of WiFi Calling Naas it also has the ability to provide high speed data services in the amenity areas as well as provide in apartment high speed data services with a substantial revenue share to the owner.  All of this is implemented at a cost that is one half to one quarter of the cost of newer Distributed Antenna Systems, with greater functionality.