OneNYC discusses the City of New York’s Broadband Initiative including Spot On Networks work at Queensbridge Houses

New York City is clearly leading the nation in “Broadband for All” with a model where high speed internet connectivity will be provided to all who need it. The City’s commitment is evident by their use of transparent goals and benchmarks for progress and will result in economic and social growth for The City and communities.

OneNYC discusses their commitment to bring high speed broadband to the people who need it most and the progress The City has made so far. The City’s Vision is that “Every resident and business will have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband service everywhere by 2025”. This year, The City of New York has started to make true on its promise to provide broadband to those in need by launching, in partnership with Spot On Networks, Queensbridge Connected. Queensbridge Connected provides community-wide WiFi throughout the largest affordable housing complex in the United States, reaching over 3,000 residential units.

The Queensbridge Connected service is unique in that it offers seamless connectivity throughout the entire community, including seamless Wi-Fi calling service both indoors and outside. Furthermore, the wireless broadband service is backed by patented UserSafe® technology, proprietary to Spot On Networks, which isolates and guards all users across the network from hacking and identity theft.  Wireless internet security and protection of residents is one of the top priorities of The City throughout the Queensbridge Connected network deployment. Spot On Networks has employed residents within the Queensbridge Community to: market the network, assist in deploying the network and supporting the network in an effort to create employment opportunities for residents. This model of employing residents is proving to be extremely successful as well as necessary to get maximum residential engagement and education on the Queensbridge Connected project within the community.

According to OneNYC, twenty-two percent of NYC households do not have internet and commercial internet offering are priced too high for residents, small business and those looking to create new business. The City has recognized the economic and community impact that lack of internet access can have and in response, have developed initiatives that will:

·       Promote competition in the residential and commercial broadband markets

·       Provide high-speed, residential internet service for low-income communities currently without service

·       Increase investment in broadband corridors to reach high-growth business districts, with a focus on outer borough neighborhoods

·       Promote seamless user experience across public networks to create high speed access across the boroughs

·       Explore innovative ways to provide high-speed internet to homes, business and the public

New York’s model to bring broadband to those who need it is a clear and organized example of how a city leverage the social and economic benefits that high speed broadband provides and use them to build a better city.