Wi-Fi Is a Win/Win for Class B/C Building Owners

According to Multifamily Executive, Class B/C apartments will get a big boost in the coming year.  Wireless amenities are going to play a big role as B/C building owners look to differentiate their properties with affordable amenities that will attract and retain renters.  Wi-Fi is known as the most requested amenity by the B/C demographic, including millennials and working-class individuals and in-building cellphone reception is non-negotiable.  Managed wireless services differentiates a property, can create an additional revenue stream to offset the cost and solves the most pressing in-building voice problems facing building owners: poor in-building voice coverage.

Millennials especially will forgo many in-unit luxuries in exchange for fast, reliable Wi-Fi and great cellphone coverage.   They are known to value experiences over spending their money on homes, in fact a recent survey showed that millennials would prefer to have Wi-Fi over on-site laundry.   Providing residents with adequate wireless services is an inexpensive way for building owners to differentiate their property.  In regards to in-building phone coverage, millennials and Gen Xers simply won’t rent if they cannot use their cellphones inside.  Wi-Fi provides building owners with a Win/Win as it can be used to provide the data services amenity that renters crave while also providing Wi-Fi calling services within a building that has poor voice coverage at a fraction of the cost of a Distributed Antenna System.

A managed property-wide Wi-Fi calling system offers building owner the ability to generate additional revenue at their property, but providing complimentary Wi-Fi calling and amenity Wi-Fi services throughout the property but charging residents for in-unit data services.  This approach allows B/C class building owners to get a return on their Wi-Fi investment and let the system pay for itself.

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