Patented Tessellated Grid Design


Tessellated Grid Design

U.S. Patent Number 9,641,307

Spot On Network's Tessellated Grid Design relates to access point placement and channelization in Wi-FI architecture.  This 3D Tessellated Grid approach places access points (AP) in such a way that signal bleed-over and over-saturation is mitigated by staggering AP placement both horizontally and vertically.  Channelization and power input are then adjusted to separate APs into non-interfering bands. This unique and intelligent network approach provides redundant coverage while interference between APs is minimized.  The Tessellated Grid approach tests more effective than AP built-in auto-channeling capabilities. 

This network design approach is geared towards the multifamily/ multi-dwelling and hospitality space, providing effective and reliable network coverage to various building types including high-rise,  mid-rise and podium builds.  Spot On's Tessellated Grid approach is complemented by patented UserSafe® technology which utilizes client isolation to guard the end-user from hacking, spoofing and identity theft.