coffee-tabletOn Wednesday, Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) released a report stating that mobile carriers are not able to meet subscriber data demands due to the increased data usage from smartphones and tablets.  This is a revelation that, while “news”, isn’t really “new” – today’s mobile data subscribers are well aware of the issues that occur while streaming data (lost and slow connections) and clearly the mobile carriers are aware of the issues too: those once-unlimited data plans are now costing mobile subscribers and arm and a leg just to use their devices the way they were meant to be used.

The TWC report was written by New America Foundation director, Michael Calabrese, who stated:

In short, there is simply not enough exclusively licensed spectrum to meet the rapidly rising demand for wireless data, to sustain a competitive market, and to keep prices at an affordable level.  Major mobile carriers are increasingly coming to grips with this reality”.*

So what does this mean for WiFi?  Well, the mobile subscribers who are well aware of the pain that comes from using the cell networks for their high data usage are going to keep on keepin’ on… using WiFi to watch their movies, surf the ‘net, use apps, etc.  And as for the carriers next move… well we will just have to see.


* The views expressed in Michael Calabrese’s report are those of the author and not necessarily those of Time Warner Cable.