Green building products do not get along with cell signals. The same technology developed to help save energy, also blocks out a lot of cellular signal that tenants rely on for their primary means of communications. Dropped calls, web pages that just won’t load and a host of other issues are the reason that many building owners are turning to Spot On Network’s CellBoostTM. CellBoost™ involves placing amplifiers in telecom closets that connect to antennae located in hallways or apartments with voice coverage in problem areas throughout the building.  Every cellular service provider that is present outside will be boosted inside.  CellBoost™ is a carrier neutral design approach.


Benefits of CellBoost™


  • CellBoost™ is backed by a property-wide WiFi backbone that will allow your residents and guests wireless access to high capacity data throughout your property.  This allows for unlimited, high speed and secure data transmissions.  Data over WiFi is passed at significantly higher speeds than cellular.
  • CellBoost™ readies your property for Passpoint™/ Hotspot™ 2.0 which allow for seamless cellular-to-wifi roaming.  This is not supported by DAS.
  • CellBoost™ is significantly less expensive than a typical DAS, often 1/5 of the cost.
  • CellBoost™ is carrier neutral which means any carrier signal that is present outdoors at your property will be boosted indoors.