WiFi for retail. Speak to your customers as they are shopping – let them market for you!

When you provide your customers with in-store WiFi you are giving them an avenue to promote your business. You want your customers to “Check-In” at your store on Facebook, “Pinterest” your coolest items and “Tweet” your sales and promotions.

Want to learn how we can build your retail establishment a WiFi network that can save you up to 20% on energy?

WiFi affects where your customers choose to shop!

bar-wifiIt’s no secret that your customers are mobile and always want to be connected. Since stores typically experience poor cellular signal due to construction, customers can feel rushed and disconnected. Customers will stay in your store longer if they are provided with WiFi access. Today’s shoppers are educated and reading reviews and comparing prices online. If your store is not offering WiFi customers may become frustrated that they do not have the information they want at their fingertips (and take business somewhere else).
A March 2013 report from JiWire noted some of the following statistics regarding WiFi in the retail environment:

  • WiFi access influences the choice of store for almost 80% of consumers
  • 57.3% of consumers are using in-store WiFi to read product reviews before they purchase
  • 47.2% of consumers are looking online to find offers for the store they are in
  • 36.5% are browsing the stores website

All of these statistics support consumers about to make purchasing decisions. In the early days of WiFi retail establishments tended to fear offering Internet access, but statistics show WiFi does not make your customer leave a store it just provides them with fuel towards making a final purchase!


  • Email access
  • Social media
  • Family blogs/ pictures
  • Message and hobby boards
  • Access to medical information, doctors and nurses


  • News/ current events
  • Ongoing education
  • Religious information/ services
  • Books/ magazines, videos
  • Investment and financial tracking

Only $49.95 per month gives your retail establishment secure, managed WiFi for staff and customers.

WiFi On the Spot WOTS BoxFrom large retail chains to small local businesses, retail establishments are experiencing the benefits of offering WiFi to their customers

WOTS is an inexpensive, plug & play solution that allows restaurants to offer WiFi up to 6000 square feet and includes:

  • Email Capture: whenever a customer logs on to your offer they are prompted to enter their email address to receive special offers from you. WOTS allows you to build your loyal customer base and incentivize customers to keep coming back with special email offers. These opt-in emails are sent directly to you to use how ever you want!
  • Email Marketing Integration: (COMING SOON!) this feature will instantly upload your email addresses directly to your eblast client like Fishbowl or Constant Contact
  • 24/7 Support: your store will receive around the clock, in-house support from our New Haven, CT – based Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Easy Plus & Play Installation: No professional installation required. We simply ship you the WOTS device, you plug it in and your retail store now has WiFi! Any problems we are always here to help!
  • UserSafe Technology: This is our secret sauce! All Spot On WiFi networks are backed by UserSafe technology which ensures that users are guarded from hacking and identity theft while using your WiFi network. UserSafe keeps your WiFi users and your business safe from malicious activity.

Capture customer email address when they log on to your store’s WiFi network!

Spot On WiFi for retail establishments allows you to capture your customers email address whenever they log on to your WiFi network. Customers opt-in to receive your special offers and updates. Use these addresses to send eblasts, coupons and special offers to incentivize customers to return to your store.

COMING December 2013! Eblast integration! The customer email addresses that are collected when customers log on to your WiFi will automatically uploaded to your email marketing account (like Fishbowl or Constant Contact). The next time you eblast, these new customers will receive your latest updates and offers!

Email Marketing Integration With WiFi On The Spot

Your customers can’t see your brand enough. Branded splash pages, advertising ability and e-marketing integration help to grow your business


When your customers check their smartphone in your store to browse the Internet you want them to see your name as much as possible.  That is why we offer branded splash pages with banner advertising features that give you another avenue to reach your customers.


Advertising Features:

  • Branded splash pages and login scheme
  • Banner advertising ability

Coming Soon!:

  • Dynamic Advertising – Show your customer the ads they want to see most
  • Integration with email marketing services like Constant Contact and Fishbowl
  • Log in by “checking in” on social media – let you customers tell your friends they shop at YOUR store!