New Multifamily WiFi Model Provides WiFi Calling and Subscription Services To Residents

Spot On Networks new WiFi offering allows building owners to offer residents property-wide WiFi calling and subscription data services while continuing to honor marketing exclusivity agreements with cable and telco companies.

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New Haven, CT February 27, 2017
Spot On Networks (“SON”) announced today the development of a new service offering that provides property-wide WiFi calling service and subscription-based tiered data services to residents in multifamily buildings. This new service offering uses SON’s UserSafe® WiFi technology to provide property-wide seamless, high-quality voice coverage with Quality of Service (“QOS”) and voice packet prioritization. This same wireless service also allows residents to subscribe to low-cost high speed WiFi internet services as an alternative to the high-cost plans offered by cable and telco ISPs. The new solution allows building owners to offer WiFi for voice-only services at no-cost while preventing residents from receiving data services unless they subscribe, thus allowing building owners to honor their existing marketing agreements which often do not allow a property to offer bulk data services. The property-wide wireless backbone also provides amenity area data services to residents at no cost and support for the Internet of Things (IoT). The pricing for this new model is significantly less than other voice solutions like a Distributed Antenna System (“DAS”).

The multifamily industry has long been plagued with poor in-building cellular coverage due to energy saving construction materials such as concrete and low-emission glass. Poor cellular coverage has hurt the multifamily industry resulting in dissatisfied residents and lease issues. Solutions to the in-building cellular coverage problem prior to the cellular carrier’s adoption of WiFi calling had been predominately cellular booster systems or DAS which is often a non-starter due to high cost and long deployment time. A property-wide wireless backbone with WiFi calling and subscription data services will typically cost a building owner $0.40 per square foot which is about one-fifth of a DAS solution.

While WiFi calling has been available in various forms for years, it has only become a viable in-building voice solution in the past eighteen months due to native dialing support from the four major cellular carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint as well as a host of MVNOs with various WiFi calling solutions and device offerings such as Republic Wireless and Google Project Fi. Spot On Networks has been developing and testing managed wireless services that support seamless, high-quality WiFi calling with QOS and voice packet prioritization for years.
“We have long been involved in developing in-building voice solutions for our building owner clients… we have always seen the future as Voice Over Wi-Fi.” – Dick Sherwin, CEO Spot On Networks

“We have long been involved in developing in-building voice solutions for our building owner clients,” stated Spot On Networks CEO, Dick Sherwin. He continued, “Our CellBoost® product gave building owners a quick-to-deploy and cost-effective alternative to the DAS solution – but we have always seen the future as Voice Over WiFi. Because many building owners have existing marketing exclusivity agreements with cable and teleco companies, they were prevented from providing property-wide WiFi to residents. Our new wireless model allows building owners to use the less-expensive and more sophisticated UserSafe® WiFi solution for voice while honoring their marketing agreements AND providing residents with faster, lower-cost data services.”

Spot On Networks new hybrid voice and data solution is currently being deployed in many properties across the U.S. and is being highly sought after by affordable housing authorities, real estate investment trusts and multifamily building owners.

Queensbridge Connected Wi-Fi Network Receives Digital Inclusion Leadership Award At Broadband Summit

The Queensbridge Connected Community-Wide Wi-Fi network, designed and implemented by Spot On Networks, receives the Digital Inclusion Leadership Award From Next Century Cities in partnership with Google Fiber at Broadband Communities Summit 2017.

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New Haven, CT May 3, 2017
The Queensbridge Connected, Community-Wide Wi-Fi network model, implemented at Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City, NY, received the Digital Inclusion Award this Tuesday at the Broadband Communities Summit. In attendance at the Broadband Summit were Joshua Breitbart, Senior Advisor for Broadband at Office of the Mayor New York City, Alfonso Jenkins, Deputy Commissioner for Telecommunications Planning at New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications and Dick Sherwin, President and CEO of Spot On Networks. Breitbart and Jenkins accepted the award which was awarded by Next Century Cities in partnership with Google Fiber.

The Queensbridge Connected model is the first collaboration between the City of New York’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT) and the City’s public housing authority (NYCHA). Queensbridge Connected is a part of the OneNYC Broadband Initiative’s promise to invest “in networks providing high-speed residential access either free or at low-cost for low-income communities”.

Spot On Networks was awarded the Queensbridge Houses contract by the City of New York to design, build, implement and support the Queensbridge Connected community-wide Wi-Fi network in 2016. The Network provides free high speed Wi-Fi internet and Wi-Fi calling access with speeds up to 25 Mbps and seamless connectivity throughout the community. Furthering the mission to “Bridge the Digital Divide”, Spot On has hired and trained residents within Queensbridge Houses to assist in building, supporting and promoting the Queensbridge Connected network. The model of employing residents to make Queensbridge Connected a reality has proven essential to the success of the project. From Left: Dick Sherwin, President & CEO Spot On Networks, Alfonso Jenkins, Deputy Commissioner for Telecommunications Planning at New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Joshua Breitbart, Senior Advisor for Broadband at Office of the Mayor New York City at 2017 Broadband Communities Summit

“We are proud to have been chosen as the Wi-Fi service provider for Queensbridge Houses”, stated Dick Sherwin, President & CEO of Spot On Networks, “and we stand firmly with New York City on the importance of ‘Broadband for All’ and ‘Bridging the Digital Divide’. The City of New York is clearly the leader on community-wide Digital Inclusion. We at Spot On Networks believe that the Queensbridge Connected Wi-Fi network is the ideal model for future community-wide broadband networks in the affordable housing sector.”

About the Digital Inclusion Leadership Award
The Digital Inclusion Leadership Awards program is given by Next Century Cities in partnership with Google Fiber. According to a press release on the Next Century Cities website, “These awards celebrate city and county governments that are leading programs or empowering community-based organizations to tackle barriers to Internet adoption. The awards are an opportunity to celebrate the cities that are leading community changing programs and encourage public leaders to get involved in digital inclusion by sharing best practices”.

Spot On Networks Announces RadioBoost™ – Emergency Responder (ER), An Emergency Responder Radio Booster Product For Multifamily and Commercial Buildings

Spot On Networks announces RadioBoost™ – Emergency Responder (ER) a product that provides in-building radio signal coverage for Emergency Responders.

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Spot On Networks announces RadioBoost™- Emergency Responder (ER), a public safety radio frequency booster system that brings outdoor radio coverage inside of a building. This system provides first responders with emergency communications radio coverage in the areas where they need it most including hallways, corridors, garages and subterranean levels.
In post-9/11 United States, regulations have been made at the national, state and local levels mandating emergency responder communication coverage for building occupancy.

RadioBoost™-ER fulfills the requirements for national, state or local ordinance that mandates coverage. RadioBoost™-ER provides coverage in the 150 MHz (VHF), 450 MHZ (UHF) and 700/800 (LMR) bands with the ability to provide coverage in future bands as mandated.
Today’s new building construction is built with energy-saving low-emissions glass, concrete and steel which are notorious for blocking radio and cellular frequency from penetrating a building and can result in emergency response communication gaps. Building owners need to provide RadioBoost™-ER or similar radio frequency coverage within their buildings to provide reliable coverage for fire fighters, police and other first responder personnel. RadioBoost™-ER creates safer buildings in the event of an emergency.

RadioBoost™-ER is part of the CellBoost® Family of Services. In 2012, Spot On Networks released the CellBoost® Family of Services, a line of products developed to solve problems related to poor radio frequency coverage inside of buildings. The first CellBoost® product, a carrier-agnostic service, brings outdoor cellular coverage inside of a building allowing residents and staff to user their cellphones inside. The CellBoost® Family of Services now includes 3G cellular coverage, 4G cellular coverage and coverage in the Emergency Responder bands.
Ensure First Responders can communicate inside of your building with RadioBoost™ – First Responder, a part of the CellBoost® Family of Services.

“RadioBoost™-ER was developed so that building owners can protect their buildings, residents and staff by providing adequate emergency responder radio coverage”, stated Dick Sherwin, President & CEO of Spot On Networks, “More and more we are seeing mandated regulations at various levels of government relating to Emergency Responder coverage and RadioBoost™-ER fulfills this need for building owners. Spot On has been at the forefront of solving in-building wireless coverage issues, especially as it relates to new construction since the early 2000’s and we are proud that RadioBoost™-ER is dedicated to creating safer properties for our customers”.