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Monitor your WiFi network. Anytime. From Anywhere.

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Network Monitoring

Insight into all of your WiFi networks from one web application.

NetPulse360™ is a comprehensive web-based application that provides property owners and managers with insight into the health and usage of their WiFi networks. Designed with the user in mind, NetPulse360™ allows property owners, managers and staff to access network performance data, analytics and user information. Three user permission levels allow for customized viewing of properties by individual property, by feature or access to an entire property portfolio. With NetPulse360™, your property's WiFi network information is always at your fingertips.

Admin Access Control

Three levels of access:
Owners, Managers, Property Staff

NetPulse360™ provides various levels of access for user accounts: Owners, Managers and Property Staff. This feature allows designated users to view and manipulate only the properties to which they are assigned to. This security measure helps prevent unauthorized access while allowing owners and managers to have control over all of the properties in their portfolio and perform only the tasks that are allowed for their specific level of permission.

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Bandwidth Usage

Monitor your network's performance

NetPulse360™ gives users access to monitor data usage at their locations with just a click of a button. Users can view a visual representation of current and past data usage by setting a custom date range to better understand their network needs and overall user experience.

Network Analytics

View realtime user data and usage analytics

NetPulse360™ was designed to help users understand their property’s network usage and operation. Once logged in to the NetPulse360™ Dashboard, users gain insight into who accessed the network, how long the visitor was online, as well as the amount of data used. NetPulse360™ Data Captured At Login feature allows users to view lists of “opt-in” subscribers and download them in a CSV file format.

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Equipment Monitoring & Alerts

View the location and status of your network equipment

View the up/down status of your wireless network equipment, including controllers, access points and web power switches from two easy to use interfaces in NetPulse360™. Spot On’s NOC (Network Operations Center) is monitoring your property 24/7. Get access to the some of the same alerting features our NOC uses behind the scenes! With controller alerts, you can receive alerts right to your email when any of your property’s controllers is down for more than 30 minutes.

Data Capture

Collect customer data at login

Marketing data collection has changed the way multifamily, hospitality and retail businesses interact with their customer base. Spot On can customize your login scheme to capture any data that is beneficial to your business. Whether you want customer’s email addresses, zip codes, survey information or any other custom data, we can configure your splash page to request that when users login. The NetPulse360™ data features allows you to see the data that has been captured on your splash pages and set data reports to be emailed directly to you!

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Splash Page Editor

Create & Edit Your Splash Pages

Your brand is everything and when residents, tenants and customers log onto your WiFi network that is the first thing they see! This lets users know that YOU are providing them with the #1 requested amenity. Splash Editor allows you to change the background, text colors and logos to make your page best represent your property or business!

Advertising Analytics

Generate revenue! Keep customers coming back!

Now you can insert advertisements and custom links into your splash pages right from Splash Editor! Incentivize customers to come back with ads, coupons and special offers. Drive customers to another webpage with banner advertisements. Built in marketing analytics provide “click-through” reports to track advertisement effectiveness!

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Token Generator

Registration tokens keep track of who is on your network. Create them right in NetPulse360™.

Tokens solve the problem of unauthorized network access while preventing network congestion, limiting access to your residents and customers and preventing online threats due to “piggybacking”. You can provide your residents, guests and customers with registration tokens right from NetPulse360™ – download a branded PDF with login instructions or email directly to your users – the choice is yours.