hotel_double_bubble UserSafe

technology offers the most secure WiFi experience available today. Each user is isolated while using your hotel’s WiFi network, allowing for safe surfing, email, banking and shopping. UserSafe™ guards against hacking and identity theft that can occur over typical WiFi networks. UserSafe™ WiFi protects your guests and your hotel and it is only available from Spot On Networks.
Managed WiFi for Hotels… backed by UserSafe
  • Custom designed and deployed to fit your property
  • Secure, fully managed, monitored & maintained
  • Access to NetPulse360 network insight application


What do your guests want?

to be totally mobile

Today’s traveler is totally mobile and always connected. Fast and reliable wireless access is a major deciding factor when travelers choose at which hotel to stay. As one blogging hotel guest put it, “they can keep the little soaps and shampoos and give me what I want… and that’s WiFi”.  Spot On WiFi networks are architected to give your guests reliable coverage and maximum capacity on ALL their favorite WiFi devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops, gaming and more!

hotel-wide WiFi access

WiFi has become as important to offer as an amenity as any other utility. WiFi continues to be the #1 ranked amenity for hotel guests. Statistics are showing that offering FREE WiFi at your hotel is becoming a major decision maker for travelers. As more and more of your guests become completely dependent on their mobile devices, they are less willing to pay for WiFi.

unlimited mobile data

Let’s face it – the cellular companies have us all hooked on data. What was once unlimited is now a pay-by-usage service and the cellular networks are overburdened by users who want data, data and more data! With Spot On Networks managed WiFi, your guests are able to use as much data as they want at high speeds. That means unlimited video, surfing, email, social media, games and more.