Modern Commercial Building InteriorToday’s businesses need to offer WiFi to tenants!

From malls to convention centers to airports and office buildings – WiFi is an expected amenity for businesses and their patrons.

New construction?  Ensure capacity and coverage for both WiFi and cellular during the construction phase of your property.

Poor indoor cellular coverage? Get CellBoost!

Airport CellBoostThe introduction of “green” building initiatives in large commercial buildings, coupled with the use of certain radio frequency spectrum by cellphone service providers, have reduced cell service reception in these buildings. Residents and tenants of these buildings experience poor voice quality, slow data speeds or incomplete data transmissions using Smartphones. Poor indoor cellular signal has a negative impact on selling, leasing and business in commercial buildings.


Spot On Networks is the LEADER in managed WiFi networks.

bulk-wifi-commercialWiFiPlus™ provides high speed WiFi access throughout your entire venue for all wifi enabled devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops and more. your customers want to stay connected wherever they go, including at your business! WiFiPlus™ allows you to provide the much desired amenity to your customers while helping you to save money.


Choose Spot On for managed WiFi:

  • Backed by UserSafe technology
  • No upfront expenditure/ capital cost reduction
  • Fully managed, monitored and maintained
  • Custom designed and deployed to fit your property
  • CALEA compliant
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Bulk and/ or common area deployments
  • CellBoost add-on capability (indoor cellular coverage)
  • WiFiPlus add-on capability (building automation/ energy management)

WiFiPlus allows commercial properties to save money on energy, earn LEED points, improve operations and reduce carbon footprint.

Spot On Networks has partnered with some of the most advanced building control technology companies in the industry such as Control4®, Powerhouse Dynamics® and Honeywell® to bring your property wireless smart building solutions including energy management, home controls, security monitoring and more!

Learn About WiFiPlus

What is WiFiPlus?

  • control lighting, HVAC, A/V equipment, blinds, appliances and more
  • control the apartment from anywhere by smartphone or tablet applications
  • save big on energy by setting HVAC controls
  • monitor energy usage by the circuit – see which appliances are using the most energy
  • monitor apartment and home security from anywhere
  • inventory tracking, patient tracking, motion sensor, life-care equipment and more!
  • properties can save money and decrease carbon footprint

  • earn LEED credits
  • buildings can save on the cost of wiring in either new or retrofit
  • building personnel can track operations wherever they are
  • built with future building configuration changes in mind
  • properties can operate more efficiently
  • energy management controls directly from mobile devices

Watch ‘Greening The Grid’ to hear details about spot on network’s involvement in the redevelopment of Rudin Management’s property: 130 west 12th street ny, ny. spot on provided 130 west 12th street’s amenity areas and apartment homes with high speed wifi internet access as well as energy management and building automation functionality.

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Spot On offers WiFi and Cellular solutions for all types of commercial properties, including:

  • Multifamily and Multitenant
  • Schools
  • Hospitality
  • Assisted Living
  • Transportation Hubs

  • Small Office Buildings
  • Grocery
  • Retail
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Health Clubs/ Clinics