Bulk WiFi

is UserSafe™ wireless high speed internet access provided to all residents throughout your entire property, including all units, common areas, outside, at the pool, gym, business center and more! Bulk wifi deployments are available for all properties including multifamily/ multitenant, hospitality, retail and commercial. Give your residents what they really want – unlimited access for their favortie wifi devices everywhere at your property.

With bulk wifi you receive the most advanced, carrier-grade wireless network available in the technology market today, with no upfront expenditure required and capital cost reduction options!

Bulk WiFi Features

  • property-wide wifi access
  • wifi network backed by UserSafe™ technology – guards you and your property from hacking and identity theft
  • allow residents and guests to have unlimited access to bulk wifi for free or charge for it to generate revenue (we do the billing for you!)
  • complete network management, monitoring and maintenance

  • 24/7 customer support
  • move-in ready – instant access for users
  • branded to your property
  • CALEA compliant
  • cellboost™ & wifiplus™ add on capabilities