Spot On Networks Corporate Philosophy

Mission Statement

We will continuously strive to be the premier wireless solutions provider to the multifamily and multitenant industries.  Our passion for harnessing innovative wireless technology, our dedication to providing a vital and reliable service and our commitment to solving the most pressing and complex wireless problems facing building owners will leave a lasting impression on, and earn the trust of our valued customers. We seek to earn and maintain our customer’s trust every day.


Spot On visionaries foresaw that we would live in a wireless world and that our productivity, social engagement, family lives and very well-being would become deeply intertwined with our technology.  Our vision is to provide the most secure, most reliable wireless experience to owners and residents of MDU and MTU properties.  We want to be the trusted wireless service provider to every  Real Estate developer, owner and manager.

Core Values

  • Service. Our customers will always come first.  Our customers are why we are in business and meeting their needs is our number one priority.
  • Innovation. We must continue to innovate.  It is our responsibility to always be aware of the changes and innovations that occur in the wireless industry so that we can inform our customers and provide them with the most high quality wireless networks.
  • Trust. We will continue to earn the trust of our customers. We will honestly assess the needs of our customers and will always advise them of the solution that best fits their needs.
  • Integrity. Integrity will always be the foundation of our business. We believe that being successful is not only measured in profit but in our willingness to be leaders in our community, trusted advisors to our customers, honest and considerate to our employees and to maintain a dedicated work ethic to our investors and stockholders.