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By leveraging existing relationships you can earn extra money, be introduced to new potential business opportunities, increase your product sales or perform service work...

This triple play of "Compensation, Business Networks and Direct Service & Product Sales Opportunities" can add thousands to your bottom line...

As an example: A Low Voltage Wiring Partner referred a 200 unit client that made a bulk purchase, they were awarded the installation work, through networking bid and won another local common area job.

$5,724 Commission
$7,276 Bulk Wiring Contract
Networked Common Area Install
$14,500 Total Earnings!!!

Triple Play: Compensation, New Opportunities, Increase Service & Product Sales | >>Back to Top>>


    Partners can earn direct commissions based on the business they refer and the scope of the sale...

    • As an example, earnings for common area provisioning can range from $350 to $700.
    • For bulk or shared choice plans commissions can range from $1,500 to $8,000 or higher
    • A volume bonus applies up to 2.5X the monthly fee and additioal negotiated earn-outs can be developed for large accounts.

  • The Alliance Business Partner Program (ABP) affords an opportunity for companies or even individuals to earn extra revenue by referring new business to SON.
  • The ABP can source new business from their existing client base, business releationships, or knowledge of a specific vertical or segment that relates to Spot On Networks service offerings.
  • Simply qualify the opportunity, make the introduction, act as an influencer and liaison in the process. By referring new business to SON that leads to a closed sale, partners can earn a referral based compensation that varies by scope of the sale. SON manages all the sales process work!

  • The more business you refer that closes, the more you make! For partners that have a large base of business, earning can be significant. The return on your invested can be well worth it!

    New Opportunities

  • As a participant in the program you become a "qualified" SON partner or vendor partner (supplying products or services to the network). The program offers a structured networking opportunity that can connect you with new clients, vendors and potential customers to bounce back referrals to you. Opening new doors...

  • Increase Service & Product Sales

  • For provisioning vendor partners, on direct referred new business, you get final bid refusal (you identify it, you have the opportunity to get the work). Further, SON will notify you of new business, job or product bidding within the scope of your service work, your area of business or product offerings.

Become a Spot On Alliance Business Partner | >>Back to Top>>

Participation is simple; Once it is determined that there is an existing business alignment.
  • A one page business outline is completed
  • A simple agreement is completed
  • A w9 or a tax ID is provided
  • Upon execution the SON team will work with the ABP on a referral and follow-up formula for success plan to help assure that they and SON get the expected return from the program. It's that easy!

For additional information regarding this program, please contact:

Vincent F. Cipriano | Director of Sales and Business Development
Mobile | 203-706-0037
Office | 203-523-5228
Email |vcipriano@spotonnetworks[dot]com

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