Spot On Networks (“SON”) is a wireless internet service provider (WISP) providing managed UserSafe® WiFi networks to multitenant properties, hotels and commercial spaces.  SON is the leading provider of managed WiFi networks to the U.S. multitenant housing market and a trusted leader in hotel WiFi since 2004.  SON also develops wireless energy management, building automation and security monitoring solutions (WiFiPlus+®) that help properties to save money on utilities, earn LEED credits and reduce their carbon footprint.

Spot On’s latest innovation: CellBOOST™ provides cost effective, cellular signal solutions for properties who experience poor cellular signal strength inside their buildings due to energy saving construction. CellBOOST™ is backed by SON’s UserSafe® WiFi. Learn More.

Dick Sherwin, Chief Executive Officer

Dick Sherwin serviced nine years as Chief Executive Officer of Metromedia International Telecommunications, Inc. and as a member of the Board of Directors of Metromedia International Group, Inc., (AMEX: MMG) since its inception. He was instrumental in establishing approximately 47 telecommunications ventures in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union Republics in the areas of Cellular Mobile Telephony, Cable Television and Radio Paging.

Prior to the founding of Metromedia International Telecommunications, Inc., Dick served thirteen years as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President – marketing at Graphic Scanning Corp., one of the largest paging and cellular telephone operators in the United States. He managed six divisions with 38 operations, including radio paging operations, cellular telephone operations, radio frequency engineering design, and radio frequency application operations.

As Chief Executive Officer of the leading provider of managed WiFi to the multifamily industry, Dick is frequently requested as a moderator, speaker and contributor to many industry eduction sessions.

Thomas Doyle, President and Chief Operating Officer

Tom Doyle brings more than 20 years of industry experience to Spot On Networks. Prior to joining Spot On as SVP in May 2006, Mr. Doyle was vice president at mobile software company, Software Corporation of America (SCA). Mr. Doyle helped to grow SCA prior to its acquisition by Motorola in 1999. After the Motorola acquisition, Mr. Doyle held various positions within Motorola.

Shirley Eis, Director

Shirley Eis founded Software Corporation of America in 1981 and as President and CEO built it into a leading provider of wireless application software and communication development tools spanning landline and wireless network technologies. Due to this success in 1999 SCA was acquired by Motorola, Inc. As part of the Motorola acquisition Ms. Eis became a Motorola Vice President until her retirement in January of 2002. Ms. Eis serves on the Board of Managers of Spot On Networks, LLC.

Stuart Subotnick, Chief Executive Officer of Metromedia Company

Mr. Subotnick is also a member of the Board of Directors AboveNet Communications (formerly Metromedia Fiber Networks, Inc.), and Metromedia International Group, Inc., has been in the telecommunications business since the 1970’s when Metromedia became one of the largest cellular telephone operators in the United States.

Mr.Subotnick was instrumental in the sale of Metromedia’s cellular telephone holdings to McCaw Cellular Communications Corp., the predecessor of AT&T Wireless, as well as Metromedia’s radio paging and other cellular telephone holdings to Southwestern Bell, the predecessor to SBC. Mr. Subotnick serves on the Board of Managers of Spot On Networks, LLC.

RCC Consultants, Inc.

RCC Consultants, Inc. is the market leader in public safety communications services in the United States with over $20 million in annual revenues. Incorporated in 1983, RCC operates a consulting firm specializing in radio frequency design, analysis and implementation. It is the operator/ manager of 31 telecommunications towers in nearly every major city in CT.

RCC has recently been awarded a contract by the City of Norwalk, CT to provide the strategic plan to a city wide telecommunications system for use by businesses and residences. The Chief Executive Officer of RCC Consultants, Inc., Michael W. Hunter, serves on the Board of Managers of Spot On Networks, LLC.